“In the practice of medicine, it is not enough to do no harm. We must do good. It is our mission to provide each patient the very best care in a kind, honest and compassionate manner.”
- Arnold William Klein, MD

“Dr. Arnold Klein: The Most Innovative & Famous Cosmetic Dermatologist in the World!”
Beverly Hills Times Magazine, Spring 2011 Beauty Issue 
Welcome to the office of Dr. Arnold William Klein. If you’re here, we know you’re a discerning individual, looking for the finest care in cosmetic dermatology and skin-cancer surgery. You’ll see that we earned our reputation as the premier dermatology practice by offering the latest, most effective treatments, meticulously administered. By using only state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality products, our highly trained experts ensure that you receive the utmost aesthetic results and the safest experience. No other practice commits more thoroughly to your well-being.
Considered the father of modern cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Arnold Klein developed the injection techniques for the cosmetic use of Botox, Collagen and Restylane. As you’ll see from our art collection, he also possesses a refined aesthetic sense. A combination of art and science epitomizes his work with fillers.
Board-certified, Dr. Klein enjoys the highest respect and recommendation from his patients and peers. He is passionate about his work and proudly upholds the virtues and values of medicine for your benefit.
We look forward to seeing you.
Dr. Klein is a featured expert on RealSelf regarding injectable fillers.